Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Purnell to DePaul

Interesting decision.

Purnell will make more money, but I'm not convinced it's a better opportunity. DePaul may not be good for some time. Will Purnell be able to recruit at a high level in Chicago? And what about the weather?

From all I know, Purnell was happy at Clemson and Clemson was happy with him. He had signed a two-year extension.

Clemson should be okay for the short term. They have Tanner Smith and Andre Young at the guard position, plus Noel Johnson, a potentially high-scoring wing player. They're all from Georgia to boot.

Trevor Booker is graduating, but his little brother is going into his sophomore year, if memory serves me, and the younger Booker will be a tough player. Perhaps Purnell figured he had risen about as high as he was going to go in the ACC, or he might have been disappointed with the two-year extension he received.

What will it mean for recruiting now and in the future? Recruits aren't likely to feel as enthusiastic about an interim coach. What about Josh Langford? Will he end up at Georgia or decide to stay at home and play at Alabama or Auburn? Will there be any changes for the other players who had committed to play for Clemson for 2010/2011? Marcus Thornton?

Since Georgia and Clemson have targeted the same kinds of players in the recent past, the Purnell decision would have to be considered a net positive for Mark Fox and Georgia.

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