Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thornton Gets Release

That's the news from the AJC. And it looks like Thornton is actually leaning to Georgia. Sure, his family has said all the right things about Clemson, but the possibility of Thornton signing with Georgia seems very strong to me.

Go Dawgs!



MikeInValdosta said...

One more thing to drop in the prayer bucket this Sunday!

Mr. Sanchez said...

If they allow ACC, Tech makes too much sense as they lose Lawal, Peacock and Favors. It'd be much easier to get lots of time next year going against Daniel Miller, Brad Sheehan, and Kammeon Holsey than against Thompkins, Price, Barnes, Lalanne, and Williams.

If we could have seen this coming, I wonder if we'd have slow played Donte Williams a bit more.

DaugMan said...


You crack me up. Good one.

DaugMan said...

Mr. Sanchez:

Any idea why Fox didn't go after Thornton? Any player with a 3.7 gpa and his kind of basketball ability should have at least gotten an offer.

Anonymous said...

B/C he committed to Clemson back in 2008. Fox probably didnt want to waste his time recruiting a player that had been committed for that long.

mr. sanchez said...

Like anon said (sorry for not checking sooner), he had been committed to Clemson for a long time before Fox arrived. Stories have said we tried, but he was firm to Purnell.