Monday, March 22, 2010

Jarvis Hayes on the future

I don't know what to think about Hayes' future in the League. The attached article is fairly upbeat. He'd like to return to the Nets. But with the injuries that he's had, will he get a shot to continue playing in the NBA?



Anonymous said...

I don't think there's much question that Jarvis will catch on with someone for another 2-3 years. Nice to see that he's scored in double figures 5 of the past 6 games(including an 18 point game and two 16 point games)...even if it is for one of the worst teams in NBA history.

His salary this year is "only" $2mil, which is relative chump change in the NBA. Damien Wilkins makes $3.3mil per year.

DaugMan said...

The key for Jarvis will be whether he can stay healthy and start driving the ball effectively.

If he takes it to the hole more often, then his shooting percentage will go up. As it stands, he is a career 41 percent shooter. Not the worst in the League, but you want a contributor at his position to do better. As a jump-shot shooter, he needs his legs underneath him to shoot well, and he has been hurt too often to knock down open shots more consistently.

I certainly hope the best for him.

Great comment about the "chump change" in the NBA. We should all be so lucky.