Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dwayne Polee: Questions, Questions

Okay, the first question bugged me. As I thought about it, I realized I had other questions, and I decided to ask for some feedback.

1. Why isn't Polee ranked nationally by Rivals?

The guy is a 3-star, but given his size at 6' 6", tough defensive play, athleticism, role in leading Westchester to the championship last year, etc., wouldn't you figure that he would already be in the top 150?

2. How does Polee's game compare with a 5-star like C. J. Leslie?

3. Does anyone play like Polee in Georgia?

Maybe there is some other unranked guy, waiting for some team to notice him.

4. What are Georgia's chances of snagging Polee?

Polee says that he will take other visits. Not a good sign for Georgia. Do we lead, or is a guy like Lorenzo Romar more likely to get his signature?

5. If we get him, would Polee start?

6. If so, who's in your starting five?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I think that the development of his game has really taken off over the last few months.

He was committed to USC at 14, and I think the recruiting services did not pay much attention to him after that.

I would also add that Rivals nor Scout are very good at basketball rankings.

Anyway, the kid is blowing up by being the best player in Cali in the playoffs, and every game that he goes for 20/10 makes it much less likely he comes to Athens.

If we magically got him, I don't think it would change the starting 5.

Ware, Robinson, Leslie, Price and Thompkins is pretty much a lock.

However, the idea of having a 2nd team of Williams, Anyaorah, Polee, Barnes and Lalanne is pretty exciting.