Thursday, March 25, 2010

Zlovaric and Mayfield to Transfer

Really hate to see these two guys leave. Zlovaric didn't show much this year, but he has real potential. Fox said as much when he came on board. There seemed to be some disconnect for Drazen. Maybe things could have gotten better with more playing time, but he just didn't produce in the limited minutes he got, and the minutes were not going to be there next year.

Demario Mayfield also had potential. Not everyone on a roster is going to get significant minutes. A good team needs some guys who are willing to contribute and perhaps wait their turn. I thought that Mayfield might have an opportunity to play more in the future if he just worked hard on his game.

Oh well.

What does this mean for the future? Hopefully, we have recruits coming in that can replace them. Josh Langford? Dwayne Polee? Jucos? We'll find out in mid-April.

Good luck, Drazen and Demario!


Bill Ringle said...

Uh oh...I hope this is only a typical situation under a first year coach. I assume that he didn't recruit these two, so they felt no particular allegiance to him. It's just that it has given me a momentary flashback to the long list of transfers under Coach Felton.

Is it too late to add a couple more recruits this year to replace them?

DaugMan said...

I agree that too many transfers is a bad thing.

Some coaches give a couple of members of the bench a gentle nudge right after the season ends when they want more scholarships. Could be the case here.