Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Shucks, if he keeps driving the ball,

Leslie might end up as a 30/20 guy. He has 17 points and 17 rebounds now, and after the timeout, he will be at the line.

With Trey Thompkins having fouled out, we need Leslie to get the ball on every possession. If Ricky McPhee suddenly gets hot, that's our only possible way we win. Of course, that's also a recipe for losing by 30, but we have to try. There's still 7 minutes left in the game.


MikeInValdosta said...

Dismal performance all the way around.

Lebo out-coached Fox tonight. His goal was to get Thompkins off the floor. mission accomplished

DaugMan said...

No way to sugar-coat this one, Mike.

I agree on the Lebo strategy. Fox will have to rebound by designing something to keep teams honest.

I recommend that we run the same play, with Ricky running his man to the other side.

The difference would be that instead of having an isolation with Thompkins in the post (easy to double-team him from the weak-side) we invert the triangle-- that is to slide Trey up to the free throw line, and flash Travis to the low post that Trey just vacated.

Ware can pass it then to Travis on the post or up high to Trey. If Trey gets it, he can shoot the jumper. If Trey is double-teamed up high, then he can at least see it coming.

There are all kinds of x-cuts and screens off of the same play. The point is that Fox would get Trey the ball where he can do something with it. He can shoot, pass it to the opposite wing to McPhee or down low to Leslie.

Hard to explain how the action works without a diagram, but the point is that we can't let Trey be constantly double-teamed and turn the ball over.

MikeInValdosta said...

I totally agree. Thompkins is a great post player, but he is also one of only three men on the floor that can handle the ball away from the basket.

I would also like to see Leslie get some time at the #2 spot and Williams and Ware on the floor at the same time.

McPhee has 34 minutes last night and those minutes were not justified on either end. He had more turnovers than made shots.

Very frustrated, but still excited with the overall improvement on the team.