Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Leslie doesn't get his 20/20

But he came close with 19 points and 17 boards. I think that's the highest number of rebounds for any Georgia player in some years (he'd have to just about double his rebound total to break Bob Lienhard's record of 32 boards in one game). For Leslie to get 17 rebounds from the guard position and at 6' 4" is incredible.

The one thing that I'm concerned about is injury. It seems like teams are working to bump Leslie while he's in the air. That one fall he had tonight was scary.

Hope his wrist is okay. After he put on the tape on his wrist, his free throw shooting seemed to be not as reliable. Fox should make a point of notifying the referees that they will have to keep the game safe and not let teams purposefully undercut Leslie.

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