Friday, February 12, 2010

End of the Road for Humphrey?

I had high hopes that Billy would have a successful tenure in New Orleans, get back on his feet physically and mentally. After sitting out his transfer year last year, I know that he must have had a "can't wait" attitude toward getting this season started.

I was happy to learn before the season started that Georgia would kick off the year by playing UNO. Unfortunately, Humphrey reinjured his knee prior to the game. I expected him to miss the contest, but he surprised me by being able to play, not just in Georgia's game, but in thirteen games thereafter.

But the knee issues would not go away. As the season moves through mid-February and on toward the end of the year, Billy Humphrey has had to watch the action from the bench. He has missed nine or ten games, and UNO has been playing poorly in his absence.

UNO has missed its leading scorer. The team will be moving down to non-scholarship Division III in the future, a factor that has perhaps led to less than inspired play for Humphrey's teammates.

To make matters more disappointing for Humphrey, it looks like he will have to have surgery again on his knee. He should consult with his doctors and get the best guidance possible, but it sounds to me that his basketball playing career is coming to a close.

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