Saturday, January 9, 2010

UK Wins. Georgia Put Up Good Fight

Anytime you have 26 turnovers, you're not going to win.

They shot 33 foul shots to our 15. We could have gotten a few more calls, but that's likely to be the case at their place.

We need something more from our bigs. I think the trio of Jackson, Barnes and Price scored 4 buckets.

We have to have better ball control from our guards. McPhee has to handle it. As our 2-guard, he can't just be a catch and shoot person. He has to help break the press, dribble the ball against pressure, and initiate the offense.

Other than Leslie, no one is taking the ball to the hole. We need at least one other guy who will attack the basket. I'd like to see Dustin Ware build his body up enough to be able to drive, jump into a defender's chest, absorb contact and finish. Devan Downey is great at it, even though he's no bigger than Ware.

All in all, I'm pretty happy with the result. We earned respect against the #3 team in the country up at their place. If McPhee hits a few more shots, we might have won that one. Travis Leslie showed out. Great game.


Ollllddude said...

Just got done watching the replay, and our bigs let us down a little, although it is hard to play well down low at KY. Guard play was pretty good, maybe good enough to win some more games that aren't 'gimmees'. The wheels started coming off when we lost both Barnes and Jackson to fouls. Even with that, and few more foul shots, a couple of threes going down, and we can win that game. At their house. We aren't deep enough to be consistent, but this team is going to give a lot of teams fits over the course of the season, and right now, that is pretty good.

DaugMan said...


Our bigs don't need to lead us in scoring, but they obviously need to stay in the game to help us rebound and defend.

Now that I understand McPhee runs the mile in right at 5 minutes, I would create a play that allows him to run from one side all the way to the other, and back again if need be. Tire the opponent's defenders out.

All of McPhee's shots looked pretty good, but he was just a little off. If we could have gotten him some more room to set his feet, he might of knocked down one or two of those shots late in the game.

We'll be okay this season. Not great, just yet, but I'm with you on our general prospects.