Friday, January 8, 2010

Tyler Smith Dismissed

Not a total surprise.

I said earlier this week that I doubted that any of the players would see the court again this year. And this is Smith's last year. Remember that some thought that he would opt to forego his final year of eligibility and head to the pro's, but he came back to Knoxville. He may get picked up by an NBA team, despite his legal issues. We'll see.

It will take the police a good while to get to the bottom of their investigation. In the meantime, now that Smith is no longer with the team, there may be a push to let the other three guys continue playing while things get resolved.

I think their indefinite suspension will be just that. We're already in the second week of January, conference play begins this weekend, and the pace of the season, matched against the pace of the investigation process, is not in favor of the remaining three players suiting up for Bruce Pearl again this year.

Maybe one or two of the guys will transfer.

Tyler Smith

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