Monday, January 25, 2010

Seven Superlatives from the UT Game

Travis Leslie got the Player of the Week award from the SEC. Great accomplishment.

Based on my review, however, there were some other guys out there whose contributions to the game and atmosphere deserve some sort of acknowledgement. So here, for all to see, or at least the five readers of the Blog (thanks, Mom) are my Seven Superlatives.

1. Most Likely to Succeed in MMA

Sorry Herschel, but Ajax gets the nod here. Jackson smoothly transitioned from a tussel underneath the hoop into an over the shoulder arm bar on Wayne Chism. The referee wisely jumped in to give Jackson the victory by submission.

2. Hop Along Cassidy Award: Trey Thompkins

What Travis Leslie lacks in demonstratives, Thompkins makes up. After he hit his three-pointer against UT, Thompkins rode the bronco back down the court.

3. Rocky Award

Whoever that Dude is in the stands.

'Nuff said.

4. All-Orange trophy: Bruce Pearl.

He wears orange. It may have been my cable system, but against Georgia, he even looked orange. Great that he won't be taking to the stairs, thanking all the UT fans, in the Steg any time soon.

5. Shimmy, Shimmy: Ebuka Anyaorah

Anyaorah got the bounce on the three-point attempt. He jumped up and shimmied down the court.

Pearl went ballistic afterwards. Had something to do with the clock, apparently, but his team wasn't going to win anyway. Pearl's reaction did make Ebuka's shot that much more enjoyable.

6. Most Likely to Break the Backboard

Jeremy Price. Scott Howard was spot on when he evoked Darrell Dawkins after the Jeremy Price first half thunder dunk.

Price gets some points taken off for having his shot blocked in the second half by Bruce Pearl's son. Very un-Dawkins like, that part.

7. Most Likely to Make us Barf

Peanut Butter Boy. Dude got his own write-up from ESPN. I thought sure he was a UT fan, with all that stuff smeared on, but he's all ours. Yuck.

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