Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What Happened?

Had a lot of optimism going into this game. To get blown out like we did was disappointing. Not sure how we'll turn it around.

We're 9 and 9 on the year, 1 and 4 in the SEC. We need to be fantastic at home, or else this season could go south in a hurry.

Hats off to Ricky McPhee. He was definitely on the whole game. Trey Thompkins hit from outside, free throw line extended, and down in close. Both he and McPhee had great games. Wish Thompkins would have scored a bit more in the second half, though.

There really wasn't much else to be encouraged about.

The interior defense was porous. Leaving guys wide open under the basket. Guys shooting jump-hooks from two and three feet away from the basket. By the way, what happened to our rebounding?

Our offense against the press was pretty bad. I could use stronger language, but I'll stop there. We need to practice against the press constantly, because that's what Georgia will see constantly. Throwing the ball into the corner to 5' 11" Dustin Ware is not an in-bounds play. At the very least, put Thompkins in the corner so that he can see over the defense to pass it back to the middle.

We didn't seem to have much ball movement against their zone. I think we're supposed to keep running the triangle. Since McPhee was hot, it worked okay to pass the ball around the perimeter. Against the man to man, I'd like to consider running Ricky McPhee's defender off of baseline screens.

When we didn't turn the ball over, our shooting was good. There just weren't enough contributions. Travis Leslie had a decent game, but for Georgia to win, he needs to be dominant. He's got great body control, however, sometimes I think he needlessly throws off his balance and his release by leaping sideways.

I saw a lot I didn't like, but I'm still at a loss to figure out the game. How did we go so quickly from a decent lead to letting them spank us? Anybody?

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Fratt Stinchcomb said...

Turnovers were and have been the killer all season. Last I heard we shot 60% during the game but turned the ball over 20 times I think? At one point we had 15 turnovers and they had thirty points off the 15 turnovers. That was the difference and will continue to be the difference all year until we get the problem under control. We have to have more than one person who can drible the ball and our first pass cant be to the corner everytime. I think over time Fox will get them out of this habit and he will get us going once we break the press we will be fine. Agreed on McPhees shooting, he was downright HOT.
Hopefully we can go to Coloumbia and steal a win this weekend.