Friday, January 29, 2010

UGA Rebounding

In my last post, the recap of the UGA-Florida game, I asked the question: What happened to the Dawgs' rebounding?

We didn't get it done, and UF dominated on the boards. "Dominated," in this case means that the real key was not their higher rebounding margin, but that they got the clutch rebounds. We had a considerable size advantage, and they just out-hustled us.

Georgia prides itself on rebounding. The previous coaching administration targeted big guys on the recruiting trail, and the way the roster was built, we should have a size advantage in the post against just about every SEC team but Kentucky.

Speaking of Kentucky, Georgia's next game is against South Carolina, a team that is coming off of a big victory over previously #1-ranked Kentucky.

Darrin Horn's squad has lost a couple of inside players, but the guys they have, hustle plenty. In their win over Kentucky, the biggest story was not Devan Downey's clutch drives and 30 point scoring total. UK probably expected Downey to get the ball into the paint and take a bunch of shots. The real key was the play of the Gamecocks' big men: the team got 40 rebounds, 16 on the offensive glass, and 8 blocked shots.

Georgia should not go to Columbia expecting the game to go our way in rebounding. If we don't really fight for each missed shot, things could get ugly.

We need a win. Let's get it.

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