Monday, September 7, 2009

Jonas Hayes is Making His Mark

Turning out to be an effective recruiter.

On a related note, it sounds like the Goode kid is a high-scoring point guard. Don't know how much of a distributor he is, but it's hard to argue with 30 ppg. Glad we got Vincent Williams, but I wonder if Goode ever made it onto Georgia's radar screen.

Wouldn't be surprised to see Hayes at the end of the bench for an SEC school one of these days.

Hayes Recruits for Belmont


Mr. Sanchez said...

The head coach at Belmont (Steve Miss) was on the bench here during Jonas' playing days, and he might also be one to watch for on an SEC bench in the near future.

When Fox was brought in, I don't like the idea of telling a coach who to have on staff, but I'd have loved if Jonas could have joined him. If not as a full assistant, maybe in an adminstrative role or as a grad assistant (at some point in time, I just see Jonas with at least one advanced degree if not multiple and a doctorate, so enrolling him as a graduate student might be a great way to add to the staff without using one of the 4 NCAA allowed coaching jobs). But that's just my opinion, JONAS FOR GRAD ASSISTANT!

DaugMan said...

Great comments, as usual, Mr. Sanchez.

We'd have to spin it the right way. Do you think Jonas would would accept a grad assistant's position?