Friday, September 11, 2009

Tech wins

I thought Tech would have a greater margin of victory, but they got the job done and won the game.

I'm no Tech fan. I rooted for Clemson the whole way. As I said, however, the option is a tricky offense. If you're not accustomed to defensing it, the cut blocks at the line of scrimmage are just effective enough to give the dive-back room to operate, and the crack-back blocks on the outside give the pitch-man access to the corner.

Clemson made some incredible adjustments as the game wore on, for the most part shutting down Tech's option in the second half. The defensive stands gave the offense a spark and after trailing 24 to zip, Clemson came storming back to take the lead, 27 to 24.

Georgia should carefully watch the tape of this game. The key to stopping Tech is to make them a passing team. And the way to make them a passing team is to attack the offense. Don't wait to have to react to where the football is. Take away the quarterback keeper by hitting him every time.

If they run the pitch man behind the quarterback, you can almost time the snap count for exactly the point at which the pitch man crosses the quarterback's back. I'd blitz a linebacker from the side to which Roddy Jones is running.

Clemson did it. Got to Nesbitt. Made him throw the football, and he was very inaccurate. Was 1 for 10 at one point. He did, however, make a key throw on Tech's last drive, which led to the Tech victory. I must say that Clemson lost the momentum after it was penalized for a questionable holding call, which negated a long-gainer.

The question for me, after having watched Clemson, Georgia Tech, and a little of Miami and FSU, is when will Georgia show an offensive spark? These other teams seem to have more creativity in blocking schemes and play-calling.

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