Saturday, September 12, 2009

Lots of Questions, Few Answers

How healthy is Joe Cox? Is he really up for starting the game and setting the tone for the team? Can he connect on a deep route? If Joe can't throw well, can a back-up do the job? Which one? How quickly can and will the coaches assess the situation and make a change, if needed? Are we sandbagging?

How will we run the ball on South Carolina? Who is our go-to guy? Is Caleb King available? What about Ealey? Is our offensive line "man enough?" Will we show creativity on offense? Do we have receivers other than Green and Moore, who can reasonably be expected to make plays?

How can we record a sack? What is our defensive end rotation? Will we get a turnover? Can we disguise coverages? Will our corners and safeties play big?

Will our defense see too much of the field and get tired? Will the Ol' Ball Coach dial up one of those red zone high passes to the back of the end zone and have one of their guys jump up and get it?

Will we use directional kicking? Can we cover kicks and punts? Do we know when to run it out and when to down it?

Will our coaches communicate well? Is the team mentally and physically prepared for its first home game of the year? How well will we play at night?

Since I don't have answers to a lot of the questions above, I can't see Georgia winning, either.

I hate losing to Spurrier, too. However, for the remainer of the season, I will force myself to be honest. Overcome my optimist tendencies and to the best of my ability accurately assess strengths and weaknesses. Carolina by 10.

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