Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Daniel Miller Gets a Release

Well, UGA has 9 scholarship players on the 2009/2010 roster, now. For those guys who want playing time, there should be more than enough to go around next season.

The official site indicates that Miller's family requested the release. I don't know whether the family's action stems from Miller's desire to play somewhere else, or Fox's desire that he do so.

It looks to me that Fox has made his first major decision as head coach of Georgia's basketball team-- and I don't like it.

I acknowledge that Fox has to be able to shape the team according to his design, and the rules don't prohibit the kind of decision that he has apparently made. I also readily admit that I do not know all the details.

Perhaps the truth is somewhere in the middle. Fox may have been uncertain about Miller, and Miller may have evaluated again whether he really wanted to commit to a program that is going through a coaching transition. There is a rumor that Miller will sign with Georgia Tech, which tried last season to recruit Miller before he committed to UGA.

In any case, I plan on letting the issue go with this post.

I will say this: you can tell a lot about your head coach by his commitment to his own word, and the University's. Good coaches win. Great ones win and build character. I want to believe that we've got a good, and hopefully, great, coach. But right now, I'm not sure.

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