Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Brewer to Stay?

The first time that I wrote about Brewer transferring, I put a question mark on the title. It seemed to me that using Zac Swansey as the primary source for information about transfers was a little bit risky, since he might have reasons for asserting that he was not the only one that has decided to move on.

But after seeing no such caution by David Hale's blog and the site, I went ahead and took the question mark away.

Let's put it back again.

The Athens Banner Herald is reporting that Troy Brewer is not planning to leave the basketball program. And the ABH quotes Brewer himself for the information. Good reporting.

With that said, I'm leaving the question mark in my title this time around. It would not surprise me at all if the new coach puts the screws on some players, including Troy Brewer, and is very honest with them about their playing future with the team.

"Troy, you were a 22 percent shooter from three-point range last year. There is no reason for 82 percent of your shots to be from behind the arc. You either learn to slash or you don't play."

Since Brewer has decided to stick things out, I would imagine that the other guys who have contemplated leaving will take a similar track.

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