Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sounds Familiar

Jeremy Jacob left the University of Georgia, went Juco for a year, and ended up, well,-- at the University of Georgia. Sort of.

Word earlier this year was that LSU was hot on Jacob's trail. LSU's new coach, Trent Johnson, was reportedly intrigued with Jacob and his all around game, physical toughness, rebounding and scoring ability. An LSU commitment would have taken Jacob back home to Baton Rouge, to the 27 and 7 team that won the SEC, and is one game away from the NCAA Tournament's Sweet Sixteen.

I admit that I lost track of the process, and I'm not sure whether LSU ever offered Jacob a scholarship. But I find it ironic that Jacob left Georgia, with its struggling program, last or next to last finish in the conference, coach on the hot seat, and unhappy boosters-- only to decide to go to Oregon.

It may yet work out for Jacob. Oregon's head coach could keep his job and come out of the blocks ready to win. They've got some nice pieces already.

But if things don't change quickly, Jacob could find himself at a basketball program in the midst of massive upheaval. If that's what he wanted, he could saved himself a cross country trip and stayed at UGA.

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