Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Well, the announcement has come out.

Derrick Favors will make his college choice today.

So, I'll make my own announcement. I'm calling Favors to Tech.

It's where I've been expecting him to go for months now. I didn't want to post my inclination on this forum or on any message board, because I didn't want anyone else to read my comments and possibly be influenced.

For that same reason, I was reluctant earlier this week to post the video of Favors playing against McEachern. Since this Blog is about Georgia basketball, and not Tech, I felt it might be a tough pill to swallow, if even for no one else but me, if I talked too much about Favors, only to see him sign with UGA's rival.

I am posting my comments now, because Favors said that he has made up his mind.

If I am correct and Favors announces his commitment to Tech, then you have to tip your hat to the other guys. We gave it our best shot within the rules.

And we had our chances. Could have really pushed for Mfon Udofia. Should have beaten Tech at their place this year. Might not have changed things, but when we lost the lead at Tech in the second half, we lost our biggest opportunity to state our case in front of Favors that Felton is the better coach.

One guy on the Rivals message board mentioned that after the Tech game, Favors was down with Udofia and others behind the Tech bench, trading high-fives with the guys. If true, and I have no reason to doubt the account, then Favors' emotions are with Tech. He wants them to win, and next year, he'll be helping.

Either way, whether Georgia or Georgia Tech (doubt that it would be N.C. State), congratulations to Favors. Great kid. Got his head on straight. The same to Coach Reddick for handling the situation with class.

As much as I dislike the phrase, the fact is that as of today Hewitt's seat will be a lot cooler, and Felton's a lot hotter.

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