Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ware is Positive

Have to give the guy credit. He played a lot better against Tennessee.

He is starting to show the speed and quickness that the Dawgs thought they were getting. And the guy can shoot from deep.

I didn't expect him to have the poor shooting percentages that he has had. So far, he shoots under 40% from the floor and under 70% from the line. Instead of the neighborhood of 35% shooting, he needs to be up in the high 40's. And I can't say it enough times that the point guard needs to be automatic from the free throw line.

One recent example was Jeff Teague of Wake Forest. The guy went something like 12 of 14 from the line in a big game against UNC. Wake Forest won the game by 3, I think. And Teague was sent to the line time and time again at the end of the game. Pressure-packed situation, and he came through.

So Dustin needs to be high 80's from the line. It really is the difference between winning and losing.

Scout has an article in which Ware was quoted.

Well, after a 3-game losing streak, your players are either going to be "beat up," physically and emotionally, or upbeat. Glad Dustin is the latter.

But we need a win. Tough to get it at Vandy, since the sight lines are all messed up by the odd shape of the arena, but having a 4-game losing streak going into the Kentucky game is not a good scenario. Dustin, can you help right the ship?

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