Tuesday, January 20, 2009

No Derrick Favors? Let's get Casey Mitchell

Casey Mitchell is a player at the same junior college that former UGA player, Jeremy Jacob attends.

Casey is the leading scorer at Chipola Junior College, which is the #1 juco team in the country. After originally committing to UAB, Mitchell changed his mind, and from all I understand, has not made a commitment yet.

Perhaps he would consider coming to Georgia. Is he a fit for Felton? Maybe. Will Felton be around next year? Maybe.

Let's pick Mitchell up anyway. Georgia needs a scorer, and Mitchell is a dead-eye shooter. He outscored Meeks in the North-South All-Star game his senior year.

If Anyaorah can play next year, Georgia might be in decent shape at the shooting guard position, and Demario Mayfield is coming in as a 2009 commit. But we're losing Terrance Woodbury and Corey Butler, our two seniors, and I'm ready for up-tempo offense. I want lots of options for scorers, so let's get deep at the guard position.

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