Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Lessons in Futility

Both Georgia and Georgia Tech are sporting 9 and 9 records. Both teams are winless in their conferences.

Georgia Tech's lesson was that when you are a bad team, you'd better recruit well. Tech got just one recruit last year, as I recall. The upside of it was that they were able to stockpile scholarships and emerge with the crowning jewel of 2009.

Georgia had a pretty decent signing class for 2008. Ware and Leslie and Thompkins have all played pretty well so far. Not great, but they show potential. Zlovaric and Anyaorah haven't had much of a chance to prove their athletic prowess.

In any case, Georgia did fairly well in 2008, but they were limited in scholarships for 2009, and therefore, they passed on some guys that in other years they would have hotly pursued.

In any case, college basketball in the state of Georgia is pretty bad right now. I don't know what Georgia will take away from this season. I hope the lesson is that when a team is tired and unmotivated and losing, you give them a break to refocus.

And when the next conference game rolled around that next weekend, Georgia played with purpose and poise and ability and emerged with the victory. It was a new season and Georgia started on another, longer, magic run.

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