Thursday, January 22, 2009

Howard Thompkins Likes Garnett

Not a bad guy to model your game after. Garnett has a longer frame than Thompkins, and has more physicality to his play. But I can see some positives in Thompkins' aspirations to "be like KG."

Now for Thompkins to make that next step, he is going to have to work hard on strength and training. Garnett is tough to guard because he can shoot the jumper and take it inside and dunk the basketball. So Thompkins will have to get enough lift to bring the ball through the rim with authority.

I don't want Thompkins to be unsportsmanlike, but he will have to get used to some of the pushing and shoving that goes on in the SEC. He's got to take some and give some on occasion, too. Maybe even give a Garnett scowl every now and then.


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