Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Trouville is still alive in Playoffs

Levi Stukes is playing for Trouville, down in the Uruguayan League.

On an interesting note, Trouville had a game actually stopped on December 1, due to fan violence. Trouville played against Hebraica, and the police shut the game down with 2 minutes to go.

The game started off well, with lots of scoring and an up-tempo contest. However, a number of fouls were called and the game started to bog down. Hebraica was up by 14, 78 to 64, and then the Hebraica players and bench were called for technical fouls. Stukes shot 7 free throws and helped pull Trouville within 2 points. Thereafter, violence started to break out, and the police stopped the game. Due to the suspension, Hebraica won 85 to 82.

After that eventful game, Trouville got blasted by 49 points in a game against Defensor. However, Trouville bounced back with an 82 to 77 victory over Malvin, and the latest news reveals that they are still alive in the playoffs.

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