Friday, December 12, 2008

Daniel Miller has Impressive Stats

Through the first week of December, Daniel Miller is averaging a double-double.

He averages 25 points and 13 rebounds on 72% shooting.

I know people will try to diminish his attainment, based on the fact that he plays against over-matched competition. But I still say, there is a lot to like here. Has the grades, the frame on which to build, and has decent fundamentals.

As many have said, you can't teach 7 feet. I am reminded of the kid, Thabeet at UConn. Came to the country at 6' 8", and kept on growing. He's now 7' 3", 270 lbs, and is a junior. He's pretty much a lock for being a first-round draft pick, whether he comes out this year or next.

Now I'm not saying that Thabeet and Miller are the same kind of athlete. But the point is that Thabeet didn't play against great competition in Tanzania, yet he was able to go to UConn and work on his game. Timid at first, I understand, he didn't average a whole lot of points his first year. But he worked hard and got better.

Can Daniel Miller blossom as a person and a player at UGA? We sure hope so. I'll continue to follow his progress.

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