Monday, August 18, 2008

Looks like January 3, 2009, will be Difficult

Rivals did a nice job in sizing up Missouri.

UGA will have all it can handle in playing the Rivals #60 ranked squad. Missouri has shooters, slashers and athletic big men. In addition to that, they press. Sounds a little bit like UT to me.

On a side note, I wish we had been able to snag a player like J.T. Tiller. Had a 3.9 gpa coming out of high school. I think we recruited him, but he committed to UAB, and afterward, transferred to Missouri. If our program then had been in the shape it is in today, I think we could have gotten Tiller's commitment. He doesn't average a ton of points, around 7 per game, but we sure could use him right around now.

Anyway, to prepare for upcoming games such as the one against Missouri, I would have Zac Swansey and Dustin Ware running all day and all night. When the time comes and the coaching staff can officialy begin practice, I would spend some time each week working on bringing the ball up the floor against different press packages.

I like the tougher schedule, but woooo...

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