Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Russell Athletics Teamed up with Tech

Does Tech have to pay them money if they lose to Georgia in Basketball and Football?


I guess that on a more serious note, the Russell contract brings to the fore the issue of whether student-athletes should get paid.


Although at least one coach is quoted as saying it couldn't work because there's no fair way to divide up the money between athletes, the logical response is that "how" to divide the money between athletes is a secondary issue to "whether" to do so. If the NCAA is willing to share revenue, some mechanism could be found to allocate the funds. One obvious use of some percentage would be to put more resources into insurance benefits for athletes.

Anyway, the pot of money seems to grow every year. Television contracts, shoe companies, camps, endorsement deals, and the like. I know that it's "the nature of the beast" and it's good to have companies underwrite the cost of having high-level athletic programs and well-paid coaches. However, I keep worrying that with more and more money being poured onto campuses and into athletic departments, and bonuses for winning, etc., one day something is going to happen which will harm the games of college football and basketball.

Something worse even that seeing more Georgia Tech sportswear.

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