Monday, November 30, 2015

If I'm Mark Fox, the Mark Richt Firing

had to be unwelcome news.

If you win 75 percent in SEC football and lose your job, then having a record of barely eclipsing 50 percent in basketball and never winning an NCAA Tournament game has to have a coach feeling unsettled.  

Fox seems to have McGarity's support for the immediate future, but should things not turn out well with Georgia basketball this year, then all bets could be off.  The SEC will be tougher next year.  I'm only so worried about guys who make 7 figures during sports, but it has to be disconcerting to fight like crazy, try to build a great team, and get told at the end of the season that your services are no longer needed.

Could absolutely happen to Fox.  McGarity isn't a home-run hitter.  He is, however, a guy who swings for the fences when he comes to bat.

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