Monday, November 30, 2015

Mark Richt Owes UGA No Favors

Would love to have Coach Richt around for the sake of the University.  I definitely have mixed feelings about all this.  I remain grateful to UGA for all it meant and continues to mean to me.

Further, I imagine that the University would take the position that since it is honoring the unsigned contract, Mark Richt should return the favor by agreeing to take an administrative position.

However, if I get fired and am asked to hang around and help raise funds, I consider it a slap in the face.  Although Mark Richt is not likely to let an insult or a perceived offense dictate his final decision, I think the way UGA communicated with him, combined by the experience of being coveted by other major universities will mean a great deal as Coach Richt gets a sense of how God is leading.

Ultimately, he will get plenty of great offers, and I believe that he will end up accepting one of them. Miami has had such issues from an integrity standpoint that getting alum Mark Richt to return would be a home run hire.  I expect them to offer him a huge contract.  If Jason Eason follows him there, the U could be back in short order.

I wouldn't be surprised if Coach Richt has somewhat of a Tony Dungy experience and within five years wins a championship at his new school.

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