Sunday, November 29, 2015


I normally don't post about football here on the Blog.  But on this one, I just have to vent.

If we win the national championship before 10 years pass, I will be greatly surprised.

Sure, we will get a new coach.  If he is qualified, he will ask for a loaded contract.  UGA and its boosters will be on the hook big-time.

But having a new coach doesn't mean that we will have a better one.  It doesn't mean that Georgia will do any better than 10 wins, or that UGA will be able to win big any time soon.  Mark Richt set the standard so high that nothing but a national championship can now suffice.

Will we get it?  Would be happy if we do, but I seriously, seriously doubt it.

UT, Part Deux, folks.

Meanwhile, we will likely lose key pieces of what was shaping up to be a fantastic recruiting class.  All Richt needed to to take UGA to the next level was a great quarterback, and we had one coming in.  If I'm Eason's Dad, do I send my son clean across the country to play for an unknown quantity?  Not a chance.

Some schools are no doubt tickled pink to have a great, great coach like Mark Richt available as a candidate.  He immediately goes to the top of the list for schools like Miami.  I bet Richt's agent's phone has been blowing up all day.

I don't know what the Lord has in store for the Richt family.  Maybe they stay in Athens in some capacity.  To me, though, Coach Richt is young enough, and has fire in the belly enough, to still coach football somewhere else.  And school's will open up their checkbook wide enough to give the Richts plenty to consider.

Can't believe UGA messed this one up.  I guess that bringing Mike Bobo back would offer some consolation, but Aaron Murray is in the pro's now.  If Bobo comes back to the roster we will likely field next year, some boosters will end up hugely disappointed.  Perhaps this will be one of those, "Be careful what you ask for" examples.

If we don't make it to the college football playoffs next year or the year after, Greg McGarity needs to go.

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