Saturday, September 13, 2014

UGA Hit the Lotto with Chubb

Just wanted to say that Nick Chubb has the potential to be one of the best UGA running backs ever.

Sure, Chubb will be in Todd Gurley's shadow for a while.  In Nick's own words, "It's still the Todd Gurley show."  But if Gurley is the star, then as far as the UGA offense is concerned, Chubb might get his fair share of nominations for Best Supporting Actor.

Don't know how much Nick will be used in the South Carolina game, but he showed against Clemson that he is way more than a good back who played at a small high school.  He's a big-time athlete, guy with break-away speed and a physicality that is truly rare.  Helmet-less, shoe-less, Chubb keeps going.

Here's hoping he stays healthy.  If so, Dawg fans are in for a treat as Chubb's career unfolds.

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