Saturday, September 13, 2014

Georgia Southern vs. Tech

I know it's 35 to 17 and Tech has a commanding lead, but I still think Southern can come back and win.

 Call me crazy, but Southern may somehow run its ball-control offense and get going in the 4th quarter.

Ha!  Georgia Southern just scored.  It's 35 to 24 now, and it's still the third quarter.  If I'm Paul Johnson, I'm shaking in my boots right now.

Wow.  Georgia Southern got the ball back and now have it at the Tech 32.  If Southern scores, this might be the blow that takes away Tech's confidence.

Can't type fast enough.  It's now 35 to 30.  Tech is driving, though.  Wish this game were on t.v.

Southern stopped them.  Tech has them pinned down after a good punt.  Southern is 95 yards away from the go-ahead touchdown.

Southern is better than Wofford.  They might just pull this one out.  Fourth quarter.  Wouldn't surprise me to see Southern win by two touchdowns.

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