Sunday, March 3, 2013

Dawgs Beat UT

Once again, I missed the game, but for the first time this season, I got a prediction right.  What is that they say about a blind squirrel?  Ha!

Congratulations to Coach Fox, KCP and Kenny Gaines.  I understand that Charles Mann had a fantastic game.  He didn't shoot the ball well from the field, going 3 of 9, but he had 8 assists against 0 turnovers, nailed his free throws, and shut down the other guy.  That's what you want a point guard to do. 

I still believe that Mann will be one of UGA's best ever point guards by the time he leaves the program.

Jordan McRae was unconscious.  Dude had 35 points on 10 of 15 shooting overall, 8 of 11 from behind the arc and 7 of 7 from the line.  We couldn't stop him, but we limited Stokes' touches and ultimately did enough to get the win.

Can we win these next two?  I'm still waiting on Brandon Morris to have a huge outing.  He can get us 16 and 9.  When he gets confident, look out.  Maybe it'll happen against Kentucky.

I'm seriously going out on a limb here, but without Nerlens Noel, UK can be had.  Dawgs in a shocker over the Cats. 

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