Friday, February 22, 2013

Mike Mercer to Australia

Mike Mercer has landed in Australia.  He's been signed by the Geelong Supercats of the Australian Basketball Association.

Mercer's new home, Geelong, is located about 50 miles southwest of Melbourne.  Geelong is the second-largest city in the state of Victoria, lying at the southern tip of Australia just across from the island of Tasmania.  The nick-name "Supercat" comes from the large aluminum-hulled catamaran ships produced in the region.

Good to see that Mercer is married (wife Adreana) and has a son (MJ). 

Ironically, Mike is now playing close to Melbourne, the home of his old roommate, Kevin Brophy, who passed away in a tragic car accident almost seven years ago.  Dawgs hoops players Steven Newman and Terrance Woodbury also played in Australia. 

Note:  For more information on the careers of any of the above players, just click on their names in the blue hypertext below.

Mike was brought in by the Supercats after their existing two-guard, Kimmani Barrett (formerly of Lasalle University), went down with a knee injury.  For his part, Mercer's knees have been holding up during stints in China and Canada, so if he can stay healthy he might be able to stick with his new team Down Under.

Mercer and family

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