Friday, December 21, 2012

Turn-Around Game for the Dawgs?

Maybe it was last game against Mercer.  Who knows?  All those kids could have brought the UGA hoops squad a season's worth of good luck. 

In any case, if the Mercer game wasn't the turn-around game for Georgia's 2012-2013 campaign, then the USC game tomorrow might be. 

Georgia is going up against an under-achieving Southern Cal team.  We're 3 and 7 on the year and they're 4 and 7.  We've had our share of bad losses and so have the Trojans.  In their last game, USC lost to the Cal-Irvine Anteaters (!) by a score of 71 to 64.

UGA definitely has a shot at winning this game.  We're at home.  They score just 63 points per game and their back-court play has been spotty.  USC went 6 and 26 last year, so if we jump on them early they might give up.

Winning won't be automatic, though.  They have some size, including 3 players at 7 feet or over, and some impressive athletes. 

Their big guys, however, aren't that impressive.  All three score 7 points or less per game.  Although USC can bring in off the bench two high-risers in Ari Stewart, a Metro Atlanta guy who transferred from Wake Forest, and Renaldo Woolridge, a UT transfer, Stewart and Woolridge have arguably regressed at USC.  Ari and Renaldo average 2 points between the two of them.

We can beat USC.  We'll have to play smart basketball, limit their second-chance shots, and get up and down the floor.  If Fox plays Charles Mann and Brandon Morris big minutes and Kenny Gaines provides a spark off the bench, then UGA should be at 4 and 7 by this time tomorrow. 

Beating a big-name team like USC might just be the catalyst for a UGA win streak.  Let's get it done.

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