Saturday, December 22, 2012

Nemi is Struggling

Coach Fox:  Do not put Nemi in during crunch time.  For the first half, Nemi is shooting 0 for 1 with 0 points, 0 rebounds and 3 turnovers (half of UGA's turnover total). 

Note:  I'm not trying to be unfair to Nemi, because I didn't want people analyzing my every move either.  What I am suggesting is a way to get Nemi's confidence back. 

In that light, if Coach Fox must play him a lot more minutes than Brandon Morris (hint:  Coach Fox, you don't), at least give Nemi a chance to break out of his slump by playing him spot minutes during the middle of the half, not the end.

Coach Fox should play the percentages.  Brandon shoots 50 percent from the floor, and 74 percent from the line.  He gets 2 free throw attempts per game, and even better, averages 1 free throw attempt for every shot attempt.

In contrast, Nemi is shooting 30 percent from the floor.  Although Nemi shoots the same percentage from the line as Morris, Nemi gets to the line a lot less (right at 1 free throw for every 4 shot attempts). 

The bottom line is that Morris puts more pressure on the defense and is a lot more efficient offensively.  In that light, why would Coach Fox give Nemi 2 1/2 times the minutes that Brandon gets? 

Nemi can help in the right situation.  I like him playing the top in our pressure package.  Since he's struggling on offense, flip the roster utilization and let Brandon play twice the minutes that Nemi gets, at least until Nemi gets his confidence back.

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