Sunday, October 31, 2010

Seth Emerson was Spot On

Dawgs lose to Florida. Not even worthy of a headline. We just can't beat those guys. 18 of 21 is "purt near" 90 percent.

Hate it. As bad as we were early in the season, the year would have been a success in my mind if we had found a way to beat Florida and Georgia Tech. No chance to win both games, and at this point, I doubt we will win against Tech.

I started to post my prediction. I anticipated a loss against Florida, but my thought was that we would get blown out.

I didn't get around to it. Too busy to blog.

Well, I have to give props where they are due. Seth Emerson did get around to it. He posted his prediction, and he nailed it. Not only did he predict that Georgia would lose, he got the right margin of victory (3 points) and almost got the final score correct.

That is worthy of a headline.

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