Sunday, June 20, 2010

Kentucky Herald Leader on Trey Thompkins

Good article.

Thompkins is right. Georgia has the possibility of having a break-through season. If Gerald Robinson and Marcus Thornton play well, the team will be much better than last year. I'm glad Thompkins stuck around to find out.

The great news is that Thompkins and Leslie are working on the exact areas that will be critical for UGA's success. If Leslie can move from the three position to the two, then Georgia can probably start Marcus Thornton at the wing. Leslie has a lot of work to do to get there, but he's giving it the effort.

Thompkins needs more explosiveness. He's never been a particularly high riser. He's skilled enough and big enough that he hasn't had to out-jump guys to get his shot off. But imagine the player he could be if he did have a few more inches on his vertical, or just a little more foot-speed.

Glad to have the report from the Kentucky press.

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