Thursday, February 25, 2010

Georgia at Vanderbilt Tonight

Don't feel good about this game. I really don't.

It's not just that the Dawgs are going on the road to play, it's that they're going on the road to play at Vandy.

Vanderbilt reminds me of the Utah Jazz. They use that motion offense and are nearly impossible to beat at home. The way their gym is set up, the sight lines are all messed up, and it's tough to get your eyes adjusted to the depth perception around the goal. Our inside guys might be okay, but I wonder how Ricky McPhee will fare.

Vanderbilt will be looking for revenge. If Ogilvy plays to potential and Jenkins hits his shots this time around, they might give us a tough outing.

Thinking the game will likely be Vandy 70, UGA 62. Hope I'm wrong. We could use a victory right along in here.

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