Thursday, February 25, 2010

Steve Thomas Tenure in Venezuela Ends

Steve Thomas reported to the La Guira Bucaneros just a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, his stay there did not turn out the way that he probably hoped.

As readers of the Blog may remember, Thomas has played in the CBA, the Phillipines and Korea, among other stops. For more information on Thomas, click on his name in hypertext at the end of this article.

La Guira (alternatively spelled, "La Guaira") is the principal port of Venezuela, located just about an hour away from the capital of Caracas. Although baseball and soccer have the largest following in Venezuela, basketball has gained some in popularity. Los Bucaneros got their basketball franchise two years ago and they are looking to move up in the Liga Professional de Baloncesto (LPB), the Venezuelan professional basketball league.

It appeared at first that Thomas might have a long tenure with the Bucaneros, since the team was looking for a physical center to patrol the paint. However, the coach of the Bucaneros decided to let Steve Thomas go earlier this month. According to some sources, the team felt that Thomas had a hidden injury and didn't have the explosiveness that was expected.

If Thomas is injured, here's hoping it's a temporary set-back and that he can use his time back in the States to recover. We'll see what Steve decides to do with his basketball career.

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