Thursday, February 25, 2010

Rod Rucker Recruitment

I am posting the link to the AJC, not so much because of the video of the dunk, but because of the comments of the high school coaches.

Sounds like Rucker is a fantastic player, but questions come to mind:

1. Would you take a chance on Rucker if you were Coach Fox?

2. How does Rucker compare with the other guys that might be on our wish list?

3. What class should Rucker be in? Is he a guy who will be a 2010 recruit, or a juco?

4. Do you recruit him now, and bring him in when Georgia has more scholarships to give out? What happens if he qualifies for 2010 after all?

1 comment:

Bill said...

If he qualifies, has his head on straight, and comes in as a team player, I say absolutely sign him. If Travis Leslie stays another year, he can serve as his mentor.