Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Walter Hill Concentrating on Hoops

Guy had 28 points in his most recent game for Southwestern Illinois.

I was really disappointed a couple of years back that Hill changed his mind and decided to play football at Georgia instead of basketball. Although it was his choice, I thought that he would be a for sure starter on the hardwood, whereas in football, he would struggle to break into the rotation.

Of course, I was much more disappointed that not only did Hill never see the football field, he ended up getting dismissed from the team by Coach Richt.

Hill has a second chance now, is concentrating on hoops, and seems to be coming into his own for the 14 and 3 Southwestern Illinois squad. Assuming that he stays focused and transfers to Minnesota, as expected, Tubby will be getting a good one.

Maybe by the time he is through with his college career, Hill will replace Mohamed Abukar on my "All Almost" team. What do you think?

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