Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ten Questions on Bucklin and Nolte

Okay, I'm impressed. Very much so.

This is not the "Kobe Bryant jumps over the fast car, but it's all fake" kind of trick. Matt Bucklin and Connor Nolte have come up with some incredible shots, and they are hitting them. No splicing. No fancy editing. Just real basketball-- kinda, I guess.

After I got over my severe case of envy (my kids would think I was real cool if I could hit those shots, but I'd probably throw my shoulder out on the first attempt), several questions surged to mind... Ten questions, to be exact:

1. How do these guys come up with these ideas?

2. How do they have time to practice?

3. How do they make the shots, once conceived and practiced?

4. Who is doing the filming?

5. If Bucklin really is "the second coming of Steve Nash," as claimed back before the season by Corey Butler in a radio interview, can he help the team advance the ball against pressure defense?

6. With all due respect, but you know UGA fans wanna know: Can either one of them shoot the ball, like regular shots, like with a defender within ten feet, like when the clock is on, like in normal games (see question #7)?

7. What's up with the lay-up drill?

Just a tip: If you convince your buddies, Dai-Jon and Julian, to sign with Georgia, I bet you could exact a measure of pick-up basketball revenge against the student managers in 2011.

8. Can they use some of their "Mojo," or "English," or "spin" to help Georgia beat Tennessee this afternoon?

9. Does the SEC League Office know about this?

10. Why don't we make HORSE an official NCAA team sport?

I mean, we have run out of other stuff to beat Tech in ("Just like football, basketball, baseball, women's basketball, Academics, HORSE, Clap, Clap, Clap, Clap"-- On second thought, let's leave it like it is. I have to have time to catch my breath).

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