Saturday, October 3, 2009

Very Strange Game

Well, I said I had a bad feeling about this game, and the feeling never left me. Georgia looked flat, dazed, out of sorts. Lose to LSU 20 to 13.

LSU was ranked #4, so the Georgia squad has nothing to feel ashamed about. But the team really doesn't have much to feel good about, either.

For one thing, the Dawgs had nothing going on offense for the entire first half. Nothing new from Mike Bobo. Three and outs for the team on multiple occasions. Cox missed a sure touchdown pass to AJ Green.

Georgia's ineptitude on offense meant that we therefore gave the ball to LSU in prime field position. Drew Butler kept up his booming punts, but the LSU special teams players were able to repeatedly return the ball for 10 yards plus.

The much criticized Willie Martinez and the Georgia defense got pushed around on two long drives, yet they held LSU to 6 points. Blair Walsh missed his first field goal of the year. Terrible timing.

Second half begins and Georgia sacks the LSU quarterback on three straight plays. The Dawgs go up by 7. All the while, though, Joe Cox is having his worst game. Missing wide open guys. Throwing behind receivers. Manages to get his completion percentage up in the second half, but he never looked good.

Two minutes, 47 seconds to go, Georgia gets the ball and drives down the field. AJ makes another incredible catch. And then the call of the game. Excessive celebration on the Dawgs. Penalty of 15 yards. LSU gets the kick and before you know it they are down at Georgia's 30.

LSU runs for a touchdown, and Joe Cox throws an interception. Game over.

If there was a good development for Georgia, it's that the team discovered its "go-to" tailback. Washaun Ealey looked great. Much better than Caleb King or Richard Samuel. If I'm Coach Richt, I practice Ealey with the first team all week.

Strange feeling. Strange game. Hate that Georgia lost. Hate that we lost the way we did. As long as there is no taunting, there is no way that the referee should call excessive celebration on a guy who catches a critical touchdown pass with less than 2 minutes to go.

The SEC needs to step in.

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