Friday, October 2, 2009

Shawn Kemp, Jr.

Surprised that Alabama has apparently taken a step back from Shawn Kemp, Jr. From the articles I have read, it sounds like Alabama coach Anthony Grant is not sold on bringing Kemp in.

Kemp isn't a "knock your socks" off player in the low post. But he has an incredible ceiling. If Georgia can get him, I'd say that he would be a great pick-up. We need a big man, as Albert Jackson is set to graduate after next season.


Mr. Sanchez said...

from descriptions, sounds like Chris Barnes but a little taller.

DaugMan said...

I would say that he's not as athletic as Barnes, but Barnes won't ever be 7 feet. Shawn Kemp, Jr., maybe.

As you know, you can click on the hypertext of Shawn's name beneath the article and pull up some of my old posts on him.

I'll go back and check my links to make sure they still work.