Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Okay, this Braves Business is Starting to Get Interesting

I gave up. You did, too.

I had stopped watching them altogether. So, I'm a fair weather fan. I admit it. I don't like baseball enough to watch 9 innings of futility. It's not fun anymore when the Braves are losing and they have no shot of making the playoffs.

But someone forgot to tell the Braves. They refused to give up. Didn't accept the notion that they couldn't make the playoffs. The Braves weren't mathematically eliminated yet, so the team started to do what it had to. And that was to win the games before them.

Now, the Braves have won 15 of their last 17. In the meantime, the Rockies have started to lose, making it possible that the Braves could get the wild card. And lo and behold, the Phillies have started to lose, too.

Could it happen? Could the Braves actually win their division? Will the Phillies choke?

Control their own destination

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