Saturday, January 10, 2009

What happened to Mercer?

I saw them play one game on t.v., and they really looked good. They had the two early season wins over Auburn and Alabama.

But now they're stinking up the place. I checked to see if James Florence and Daniel Emerson were healthy and still in the line-up for them. Yep. Can't blame the losing streak on injuries, as best I can tell.

Think they have lost 6 straight. Jacksonville beat them by about 30 the other day.

It's not that they shouldn't lose at all, or even lose big on occasion. It's just that I was expecting them to continue to play well this year after starting the season out at 6 and 2. I think they're now 7 and 8.

Well, at least they can't blame the losses on former coach and UGA grad, Mark Slonaker.

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