Friday, January 2, 2009

Seth Curry (and Troy Brewer)

Seth Curry leads the nation in freshman scoring average. One would think that instead of playing at Liberty Baptist, Curry would have been picked up by some big-level school, even if only on the hope that he would be as good as his older brother, Stephen.


Georgia didn't get him. Didn't look his way, I'm sure.

But I wonder if we already have a guy like him on the bench. The quote from the Liberty coach-- "Look at him. Slight of build. With skinny calves. He hardly looks the part." That statement obviously is directed at Seth Curry, but it could just as easily apply to current Georgia player, Troy Brewer.

Like Curry, Brewer played at a Christian school in the Mid-Atlantic region, and was an overlooked recruit with few Division I offers.

Brewer signed late in the recruiting period just before last season, and showed flashes of good shooting touch during the year. However, as Georgia was improving its play, going into the stretch run of SEC competition, the team often found itself down a bucket or two late in the game. Brewer was then inserted into the contest to see if he could hit a three-pointer in the game's final seconds. Not the kind of situation in which a freshman finds his stroke.

Brewer is a little bigger this year. But not much. And he has hardly played at all. Some have suggested that since McPhee, a walk-on, was getting playing time, and Brewer wasn't, then Coach Felton was politely urging Brewer to transfer.

However, I remember something Coach Felton said last year. "Once Troy gets stronger, he's going to be a terrific player." That's almost word for word, if not an exact quote.

Is Felton right? Can Brewer contribute? Can he do even better? Can he be terrific?

In the game against Kennesaw, Brewer finally saw the floor for extended minutes. I was pleased with what I saw. The longer he stayed in the game, the more he seemed to make good decisions.

Troy shot 5 of 9, and scored 15 points to lead the team to the victory.

As Dave Telep said in the article about Seth Curry: "One component of being good is having the opportunity to be good."

With Terrance Woodbury out for a while, and with Georgia's lack of depth at the guard position, maybe Troy Brewer will have his shot.

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