Saturday, January 3, 2009

Dawgs lose to Missouri

The game turned out about like I expected it, with a couple of exceptions:

Georgia played much better than I thought, and

Georgia played much worse than I thought.

Much better? Yep. Terrance Woodbury was on his game. Career high in points for him, with 27. Really good looking stroke. I thought he would be rusty coming off of his ankle sprain, but not so.

Georgia shot over 50 percent from the field. Nice offensive movement, most of the time. Georgia shot over 40 percent from behind the arc.

Trey Thompkins does a really nice job for a freshman. He doesn't have much lift, but he can rebound, block shots, and of course, shoot the basketball. He was a nice complement to Woodbury. Thompkins ended the day with 18 points.

We outrebounded them, 39 to 27.

Much worse? Unfortunately, the turnovers were just killers. Was it 23? I thought it was 27 turnovers. Anyway, we just gave them the ball over and over. Unforced errors.

And Zac Swansey and Dustin Ware didn't have their best games. Jeremy Price looked good in spots, but he is not a reliable ball-handler when he gets it away from the basket. Corey Butler didn't give us much, and neither did Troy Brewer.

I suppose that Coach Felton laments the fact that Billy Humphrey and Ebuka Anyaorah aren't available to be called on. They definitely would help our issues at guard. Billy could play some point guard, bringing the ball up the floor. He was not a "create your own shot" kind of guy, but we didn't need much in the way of a slasher. We needed someone with a reliable jumpshot who would not throw the ball away in the clutch.

Oh well. Losing by 7 to a very talented Missouri team is not the worst result in the world, but I would have loved for Georgia to have cut down on turnovers and gotten the win.

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